Paragon Arts Present Yuming Fine Art Studio
Paragon Arts Present Yuming Fine Art Studio
Paragon Art -- Yuming Fine Art Studio
 Paragon Art -- Yuming Fine Art Studio

Commission to have your art done by Yuming

Please see the samples of commission art created by Yuming in his unique fussion style, e.g. Pastel on Sumi Rice paper. You can commission me for portrait, landscape or special theme paintings.


Modern European oil painting and pastel style is also available.

You can contact us for price of commission art, and sitting fee if applicable.

Portrait in Oil 16" x 32"

1) Portraiture: transism fusion style.

It has european traditional techniques: light, value composition etc. yet with Asian lines and freedom of expression. It is the best to capture the spirit of a young girl who enjoys reading.

Sumi Style Portrait on Rice Paper 28" x 20"

2) portraiture: Sumi art.

Ssumi watercolor on Rice paper with a suggestion of color. Value and Light are noticed but not emphasised. Yuming pays great attention to capture the srpirit and emotion which will reveal the true characteristics of the person

Portrait of Sisters Pastel on Rice Paper

3) Portraiture: Yuming unique fusion style of portrait painting.

Sumi watercolor on rice paper first, and then pastel on top. Marry Easter and Wester art together. Loose, transparence and solid colorful.

Musical Oil on Canvas 20" x 60"

4) Theme Painting, Oil or Pastel.

Here is an excellent sample of commission art, not just portrait. An art collector just wants a painting of my transism music painting. Size is desided, and color scheme had been discussed, and the rest left to yuming to create. This is lyrical Expression.

Sweet Home Sumi Watercolor on Rice Paper 30" x 60"

5)Landscape Paintings, Sumi, Oil or Pastel.

I went for the field trip and to get a sense of the environment and took lots of photos in different time. It is the collector's real home road towads the house. Even stories of the dream was recorded on the painting.

I can work on paintings based on your photos.

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