Paragon Arts Present Yuming Fine Art Studio
Paragon Arts Present Yuming Fine Art Studio
Paragon Art -- Yuming Fine Art Studio
 Paragon Art -- Yuming Fine Art Studio

Yuming Zhu - 鱼鸣                                         Artist/Poet

Media:  Oil/Pastel/Sumi                                   Style: Transism

I land my brush with the force of a giant rock splashing into the ocean.  I am not looking for a beautiful painting, but to express Life itself.

Painting is just like a stacking of passions. Painting is a method of striping myself naked and facing the truth of my inner emotion.

I invite the viewer to experience through my paintings the joy of being alive right at this moment.


I don’t know what else I can do but paint.

Originally from Shanghai, China, Yuming Zhu began to study under the painting masters at his early age.  Later he started to write poems and joined college poetry society.  In 1991, Yuming earned his MA from Sonoma State University in US.

Yuming blends the styles of the East and West, poetry and life phenomenon into his art.  Capturing the light and darkness of the European masters while combining the familiar and textured brush strokes found in Sumi watercolors, Yuming likes to leave white spaces as background painting and emphasis on Spiritual Charming in his painting. “Sometimes I don’t know I am painting or writing a poem.” “When people ask me, what I paint, I say I paint Music.”


Yuming describes his style as “Trans-ism”. It is emotive Transformation of Lyrical Impression and Idealistic Expression. “Through my art, I am trying to portray, be more accurate, to question and search the truth of our spiritual and earthly world by creation a poetic language of emotional expression.”


He held several solo and group exhibitions in the States.  He also teaches at Bellevue College and is an active member in several artists’ associations in the area.

Yuming had been selected as 50 Emerging artists by Art Business Magazine.

He was invited to demo Chinese painting for the tape “Five Thoughts of Asian Art” by Seattle Art Museum and KCTS channel 9. He was invited as an artist participating in the movie series “The Man In The High Castle” which be nominated as the best production for EMMA.


鱼鸣 (朱瑜明)简历





鱼鸣将西洋艺术的光,影与东方艺术线条,留白连与一体,注重气韵和动感,自圆其说地创造了“蜕变主义”画风。田园诗意的印象,完美主义的表现,是他努力尝试,用来表达天人合一情绪的语言。“有时我不知是在作画,还是作诗”。“有人问我,你画什么的,我说:画音乐, 画心理,画生命。”


1989   在所诺玛大学举办首次个展。

1990   受邀于加州奥克兰亚洲文化中心,举办个展。

1993   为西雅图艺术馆制作的“亚洲艺术五艺”,担任画艺的示范与讲解。

1994   聚众,一起创立华州中华美术家协会。1996 任会长。

1997   受华州州长之邀,服务于付州长艺术理事会,并在州大厅举行展览。

2010   艺术商业杂志选为50位新星艺术家,并受访。

2015   以艺术家身份,参加影集“高塔里的男人”制作。该影集被提名,“艾美”最佳制作奖。

2016 至今     受凡香岛艺术中心之邀,表演2 米巨笔。作品被中心收藏。







Yuming Fine Art Studio is open to collectors and public.

Appointment Only. 425-749-8703, 425-497-9915

Yuming Zhu-Show ends 4/29


This is Sound Gallery, a review of the visual arts in the KSER broadcast area with Mike Mallory.  The current art show at the Solovei Art Gallery, entitled “Vision Passion” is devoted to the paintings of Yuming Zhu.


Zhu, originally from Shanghai, China, is accomplished in the style and technique of traditional Sumi Painting on silk and rice paper with ink or Chinese watercolor.  He has taught many classes and workshops around the Puget Sound area on thee topics.  Zhu is also adept at calligraphy and he often adds Chinese characters to paintings in this style.


This show contains a few of Zhu’s paintings in this Eastern style.  “Go-Green” depicts radishes and calligraphy.  “Singing Silently” depicts a floral scene with bold and expressive color: red blossoms surrounded by leaves in a turquoise blue.


Most of the paintings on display are oil paintings.  Zhu sometimes refers to his art as Lyrical Impressionism.  This label gets at the Zhu’s underlying aesthetic struggle.  The predominate subject matter in this show is the musician in the act of performance.  Most commonly he shows us women with cellos.  Zhu also refers to his work cryptically as “Tans-ism”.  His work bridges East and East, and with these images he is also attempting to translate music, an auditory experience into two-dimensional artwork, a visual experience.


Zhu works with bold color and strong, often-indistinct shapes as he searches for a painting that shows us how music sounds.  Borrowing from his Sumi paintings, the brushwork in his oil paintings is deliberate and intentional.  I want Zhu to succeed.  As I stand in the center of the gallery space I attempt to listen to rather than look upon the paintings.  What I “hear” is something akin to an orchestra warming up, rather than a melody, individual, rather than congruent.  Perhaps this is because his women with their cellos are usually depicted alone.  Perhaps the song is something deeper than the music; the deeper voice of the figure and the cello is just Zhu’s way of reminding us how beautiful that voice can be.


The painting, which had the greatest impact on me, was an oil painting he calls “Red Passionato”.  This oil painting is one of the series of women playing cellos.  The figure of the woman, composed in reds and blacks merges with the shape of the cello, which is arranged in golds and oranges.  The woman and the cello are hopelessly commingled.  The woman’s black hair flies of to the side as if carried on the notes of music.  Yet in the center of the image the hand of the woman on the cello’s fingerboard, that part of her which rightfully should be filled with momentum and activity is gracefully poised and still.


While I cannot say that I have come away from this show with an understanding of the relationship between two-dimensional art and sound.  I can say that this show allowed me to listen to paintings in a new and rewarding way.


“Vision Passion-Paintins by Yuming Zhu” is located at the Solovei Art Gallery at 2804 Grand Ave. in Everett Washington.  The gallery is open from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  Tuesday through Saturday.  This exhibition ends on April 29th, 2009, if you want to catch this show you will have to act quickly.


This has been Sound Gallery with Mike Mallory on KSER radio 90.7 FM.

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