Paragon Arts Present Yuming Fine Art Studio
Paragon Arts Present Yuming Fine Art Studio
Paragon Arts -- Yuming Fine Art Studio
 Paragon Arts -- Yuming Fine Art Studio

Media I Use To Express Myself

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Commission Portrait

I paint portraits in my fusion artistical way. Capture the beauty, mood, and essence of you. MStyle:Transism. Media: Oil and/or Pastel over Sumi Watercolor on rice paper.




Nothing is still. Everything is in transition, the same as my painting.



I love pastel. Direct, fast, combining drawing and painting.



Sumi is poetry. sumi is one of the most difficult art forms under such a disguise of simple and easy. Sumi is a lifelong cultivation process.

Plein Air

Enjoy the Sun, Snow, Rain and moonlight. Paint directly from nature.

Mixed Media/Drawing

I keep my sketch book with me all the time.



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